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Our Story

Who's Your Polly?

Princess Polly began (many moons ago) in the summer of 2005 in a cute little boutique in Surfers Paradise.  The vision was (and always will be!) for Princess Polly to be a rockin' cute boutique filled with the funnest, prettiest, fastest fashion available to the gen Y/I girl ...

Since then, it's evolved a little bit. Now, even though we may look like fashion stores ... we're actually all about POLLY helping dreams come true!!

We are so completely passionate about;

  1. young women having access to and wearing fashion that inspires them!
  2. keeping the INDEPENDENT boutique scene ALIVE in Australia (& um, maybe the world)!
  3. young women being really powerful in business!

Our Fashion Passion...

We stock more than 50 of the best Australian labels within our boutique group (click through to check our label stable on the e-boutique) but despite this, we will always consider ourselves to be a STYLE store, not a LABEL store. We have a passionate belief that 'money doesn't buy style' and are really not fazed if a dress costs $5 or $500! What counts is that 'it's gorgeous' and our customers see value in it. ie - LOVE IT!

We are committed to finding fashion that flies. Dresses so hot that they are off the shelf before they arrive. Yes, that means our customers are fast - very fast! We're very femme in our approach. Not girly, fairy princess - but femme. We believe in the power of wearing dresses, colour enhancing mood, print inspiring ideas & style/fit to make a lady feel ABSOLUTELY fabulous!

We LOVE to support our labels. If you shop at PRINCESS POLLY you'll no doubt hear an earful about the latest collection to land in store - this just comes from an absolute love of our labels, the designers behind them and the goodies they have produced.

We love to serve our customers well. Our hope is to give a high end boutique service to our customers at a very affordable entry point. We LOVE our customers - and want them to LOVE us back!

We believe that if we care about people - they will share and help us to spread the polly vibe!

The best fashion, amazing vibe, happy customers, inspired POLLY girls.

World of bliss.

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